Homestead Smarter.

SmartSteader is the homestead management app that is a new must-have tool on your farm!

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Simple Living in a Modern World

Learning to return to the old ways can be a lot to manage. SmartSteader makes organizing your homestead easy.


Grow More

Increase your yields when you keep track of your homestead's production.

Save More
  • Know what you're spending and discover where you can be saving money or decreasing waste.
Enjoy Your Farm More

Organize your time and your days will run smoothly helping you to avoid homestead burnout.

Homesteading is a State of Mind

You don’t need land or livestock to be a homesteader. A modern homesteader is anyone working to provide the best food possible for themselves and their families… no matter what the scale.

Family Garden

Record your yields and discover how abundant your garden harvest was.

Food Preservation

Manage the inventory in your pantry (or freezer) and plan your canning better next year.

Backyard Chickens

Keep track of your laying flock and know how much a dozen of eggs is costing you.

Don't Just Be a Homesteader, Be a SmartSteader

Homesteading is more than a hobby. It's taking charge of where your family's food comes from and how it's grown. SmartSteader will help you keep track of all your hard work and make it more profitable over time.

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I have read and agree to the terms & conditions