Lindsey McGuire

Chief Operations Manager

Unfortunately for Lindsey, she discovered her passion for growing plants and raising critters while living in her home town of Las Vegas…it was an uphill battle at best. Since moving to the south last year, she is still trying to wrap her gardner brain around living in a place where things actually grow well. Next year she has resolved to not end up with 200 plus pounds of pickling cucumbers. Homeschooling their four kids, weeding the garden and pretending to keep up with laundry fills in the cracks between scheming about beehives and debating which is the best variety of basil (lemon is winning). She is grateful for how easy SmartSteader is making her life (no more random farm notes escaping the binder and vague thoughts about what might be lurking in the pantry). Being married to the developer has given her front row access, and she couldn’t be happier about how this system is growing. Dusting off her interest in business management and discovering an emerging love of accounting, she is so excited to be involved in this awesome endeavor.