Neil McGuire

Software Architect

Neil started programming computers when he was nine years old. The fact that he is now a senior developer at a software company comes as no surprise to his parents. What they didn’t anticipate was him marrying a hippie and being offered a coop to start keeping chickens at a friend’s house. As everyone knows, chickens are the gateway drug of homesteading. Eight years after that first baby chick hatched in an incubator, Neil and his family are building a family farm in central North Carolina which currently includes a dairy cow and calf, two pigs, a trio of Rex rabbits, a  slew of laying hens, some barn cats, some gerbils and a lizard. Not to mention the orchard, garden and wild blackberries. Neil finds himself happily discovering interests in all things lumberjack and woodworking as well as cheesemaking and sourdough. Being unique blend of homesteader and software architect, he is thrilled to be combining his passions to bring an amazing solution to the communities he’s grown to love.