Quinn Veon

Founder, Content & Website Manager

Like so many homesteaders, Quinn started with a chicken and the dream of an egg. What began so small has grown to a 7-acre homestead in central Ohio. She lives there with her husband Bill where they raise 8 children. They are devoted to living a simple agrarian life while working together to grow and raise most of their own food. When they’re not milking their Jersey cow, Holly, you can find Quinn and the rest of the family in the gardens, preserving the harvest, scratch-cooking, rotating pasture fencing, laughing at ducks, scratching pigs’ backs, or trying to find out where the free-ranging chickens are hiding their eggs today.

Quinn wrote at Reformation Acres until 2018, sharing their journey and helping others to live their homestead dreams. It was there she realized the need for keeping homestead management records as an important tool to balance the demands of a modern life with the “simple life.” Once she started recording homestead yields, she loved the challenge of trying to grow more food than she did last year. And now she can spend a lot less time worrying about the farm expenses or trying to remember when was the last time the coop was cleaned and spend more time enjoying the farm and her family.